Travel Insurance

At Fit 2 Trip, we want to offer the best value travel insurance to customers regardless of their pre-existing medical circumstances, which is why we offer travel insurance for families, couples, individual travelers and people with pre-existing medical conditions.

The travel insurance we offer are:

  • Travel insurance only for medical expenses: includes cover for the interruption of the trip and protects customers against emergency medical expenses that may arise during your trip. These include surgery, hospitalisation, transportation by ambulance, nursing, emergency dental treatment, expert care to organise medical assistance or transportation home, and expenses for the repatriation of mortal remains and funeral, among others.
  • Multi-risk travel insurance: provides comprehensive travel assistance that includes emergency medical expenses, as well as personal accident, repatriation, cancellation or interruption of the trip. It also includes loss of transportation, accidental loss, theft or damage of luggage or own money, or delay of your trip or your luggage. The costs of civil liability, legal expenses abroad, kidnapping and robbery, attention to pets and expenses in case of catastrophe are also covered under this policy.

Both travel insurances are available, both for individual trips, as well as for multiple trips and through an annual multi-trip policy. The policies are available in three levels of coverage: Basic, Standard or Premium, depending on your needs, so finding a best value travel insurance is possible. The maximum coverages for each level are shown in the table below. For example, the cancellation coverage in a basic policy is up to 1,000 euros, while for a standard policy is 3,000 euros and for the premium policy is up to 7,500 euros.

To buy your travel insurance in Fit 2 Trip you must be a resident in Spain or an expatriate living in Spain. Travel insurance can be purchased online or by phone.

In addition, there is the possibility of adding to the main policy of your travel insurance coverage for adventure activities and winter sports. The winter sports coverage covers the additional benefits of accidental theft or damage to your own ski equipment or rental of ski equipment, track closure, avalanche, and sliding closure, among others.

When you buy your travel insurance, Fit 2 trip uses a rigorous medical analysis process to assess your clients individually and adapt our travel insurance quotes to the individual circumstances of each person. Some of the pre-existing conditions that may be covered in the travel insurance of Fit 2 Trip are among others: cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, asthma, ophthalmological diseases, immunodeficiencies, neurological, psychological, digestive, urinary, endocrine, chromosomal or genetic.

* For annual multi-trip policies, no trip must exceed 31 days.
* Read the General Conditions